Persistent Visions

The Invisible Naked City, or, The Dirty Story I Wish Calvino Had Written, fiction by Greta Christina

23 September 2016

Nothing essential is sold in the city: you can find spun sugar here, and chocolates dusted with gold, but must go elsewhere for bread.

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Later That Day, fiction by Benjamin Rosenbaum

16 September 2016

I thought perhaps that the assault was just the baboon way, or that it was an initiation, or that I had trespassed on their territory. It turned out that, no, these baboons in particular were just assholes. Some baboons are nice.

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Mayastray, fiction by Michael Canfield

9 September 2016

“We have a problem in the basement.” This from Kai, second only to Maya herself on the shift, and now having returned from the downstairs freezer bearing two great bags of shredded iceberg lettuce—bags he held, one under each arm, like trapped dirigibles, dirigibles of lettuce.

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How I Lost The Girl, fiction by Dominica Phetteplace

2 September 2016

It wasn’t until I got close enough to kiss her that I saw her pupils were slit like a cats, and when I kissed her, I felt her teeth were fangs. I asked her out to dinner and she said yes.

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BLU3RD, fiction by Leah Cypess

26 August 2016

“Do you love me?” I asked my husband, the night we were wed.

I had been told to ask. His answer was important to the College. It was not supposed to be important to me.

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Pack Dynamics, fiction by Stephanie Burgis

19 August 2016

It took Annie only two dates to figure out that Gary Boran was a werewolf. Maybe that should have been a reason for canceling the third date, but honestly, she’d been in Pittsburgh for nearly a year by then, and she’d had an awful lot of bad dates.

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